How To Pose For Wedding Photos – Part 2






There’s no reason to just wing it. Take a few extra measures to guarantee you look your best in photos with these strategies.

Before the Wedding Day

Practice smiling

We know it sounds a little funny, but practice makes perfect, even when it comes to your smile. We want you to look natural -- that means be comfortable with your smile and own it. Model and actress Beau Dunn, who works on cosmetics campaigns and TV shows, suggests taping favourite photos of yourself (or celebs on the red carpet) to the mirror and mimicking the poses and expressions. Trust us, the more you do it, the more natural it'll feel.

Whiten your teeth

A pretty smile will radiate with pearly whites. For best results, get a professional cleaning to remove plaque before beginning a whitening treatment and use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth two days prior to using the strips.

Get a manicure

That ring deserves to have its picture taken, and you want your fingers to look pretty! Celeb wedding photographer Jasmine Star reminds all of her clients to get a manicure before an engagement shoot.

Do your homework

Ask your photographer for links to their favourite sessions. This will give you an idea of what to expect for your photos (both engagement and wedding).

Decide on a location

“Find a spot that reflects your love and a place where you'll both feel comfortable," suggests Star. It could be anywhere. When researching locations for wedding photos, make sure you're not required to have a permit to shoot there. That could put a constraint on how much time you have and affect your photos.

Have a hair and makeup trial

Do a hair and makeup trial before the wedding day so that you make sure you like the look. Take photos to see how the look translates in pictures. Wear a makeup primer under your foundation to combat extra shine from the camera flash and to keep a matte complexion.

On the Wedding Day

Smile with your eyes

Connect and engage with the camera. It doesn't matter if you show your teeth or not. Think about the new memories you're making and even laugh just for the fun of it. It's your wedding day!

Try the classic red-carpet pose

Another model trick: Angle your body to the camera so that you're not getting shot straight on (it creates a slimmer profile), put your weight on your back foot and smile. Practice various versions for what works best for you; then make it your trademark. If you feel you have a “good side," use it!

Make your eyes appear larger

Lean your chin and neck slightly toward the camera, look up to make your eyes appear larger and raise your eyebrows.

Elongate your neck

Elongate your neck by lowering your shoulder toward the camera and lifting your chin up.

Don't press your arms against your body

Create a small separation between your body and your arms. “This trick not only makes your arms look smaller, but defines your waistline, which makes your torso appear slimmer," says Dunn.

Hold your bouquet at your hip

You don't want to look like you're hiding behind your bouquet or blocking your wedding gown. Instead, keep your forearm at a 45-degree angle to make your body look long and lean.